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Firm’s history


Armitage & Buckley opened their doors for business on 5th April 1974, in a building, which belonged to Richardsons Pty Ltd, on the corner of Faulkner and Dumaresq Streets, Armidale. The Partners were David Armitage & Norman Buckley, both of whom had 20 years stock and station agency experience.davidandnorman

The Partners and their wives rented the premises for low rental in return for improvements to the building, which were originally the offices of Cobb & Co.

Armitage & Buckleys first stock auction was in that week, and the yarding for Armitage & Buckley was 300 cattle, and 1150 sheep.

The office was organised and staffed by the Partners wives in the early years, until Shirley Hickey joined the firm in 1979.

Laurie and Ross Sewell and F S (Sandy) Sanderson were employed on a casual basis, to help with the drafting and penning of stock, both at the regular markets, and other outside sales.

The Partners bought an old home on the corner of Taylor and Beardy Streets Armidale in the late 1970s, and built the office building, which still occupies that site today. Both Partners sons worked in the business before moving on the greener pastures in the late 1980s.

Armitage & Buckley was sold to the present owner, Victor Moar, in 1995 when David and Norman wished to retire from the industry.

Armitage & Buckley still occupy a very prominent place in Armidales livestock world, and the name is well known and highly thought-of, throughout the Stock & Station Agency community.

David Armitage 5th June 2007.

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